Stabilizers for OPCAB

Provide stabilization and coronary artery isolation during OPCAB.


  • Stability even for the largest heart
  • Low profile
  • Maximized operative area
  • Recoil tissue spreading
  • Dynamic tissue adherence
  • Advanced vacuum stabilization
  • Malleable footprint
  • Vacuum compression
Titan™ Stabilizer

Titan™ Stabilizer

Ordering Information
Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
Stabilizers for OPCAB
T401231Stabilizer, Titan™;
Single use, suction, malleable footprint
T401231LSStabilizer, Titan™, LS;
Single use, long shaft, malleable footprint
T401231UStabilizer, Titan 360™, with ball attachment;
Single use, suction, 360-degree articulation maximizes vessel access and stabilization; malleable footprint
T401244Stabilizer II, with StableSoft™ Technology;
Single use, non-suction/mechanical malleable footprint
T401245Stabilizer II, LS, with StableSoft™ Technology
Single use, non-suction/mechanical malleable footprint, long shaft

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