Vascutek® Thin Wall Carotid Patches[22]

A unique thin wall Köper knitted patch (wall thickness 0.36 mm) for carotid and peripheral arterial repair.


  • Superb handling
  • Reduced dilatation
  • Allows maximum resolution during ultrasound
  • Unique hydrolyzable gelatin impregnation
Vascutek<sup>®</sup> Thin Wall Carotid Patches

Vascutek® Thin Wall Carotid Patches

Ordering Information
Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
Vascutek® Thin Wall Carotid Patches
920675TVascular graft, 6 mm by 75 mm1
920875TVascular graft, 8 mm by 75 mm1
921050TVascular graft, 10 mm by 50 mm1
921075TVascular graft, 10 mm by 75 mm1
921010TVascular graft, 10 mm by 100 mm1
921015TVascular graft, 10 mm by 150 mm1
921550TVascular graft, 15 mm by 50 mm1
921575TVascular graft, 15 mm by 75 mm1
922512TVascular graft, 25 mm by 120 mm1
  • [22] Manufactured by Vascutek Ltd., Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK. Distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Terumo Cardiovascular Group, Ann Arbor, MI.