Pall LeukoGuard® BC2 Cardioplegia Filters[56]


  • Leukocyte reduction of blood cardioplegia
  • Approximately 95 mL prime volume
  • Flows up to 350 mL/min
  • 1/4" connectors
Pall LeukoGuard<sup>®</sup> BC2

Pall LeukoGuard® BC2

Ordering Information
Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
Pall LeukoGuard® BC2 Cardioplegia Filters
BC2BBlood cardioplegia filter with bypass, sterile10
BC2NSBlood cardioplegia filter, non-sterile product for manufacturing, processing, or repackaging50
FH1Holder for BC2 filters1
  • [56] Manufactured for Pall Medical, a division of Pall International Sarl. Made in UK by Pall Newquay, Cornwall, UK. Distributed by Terumo Cardiovascular Group, Ann Arbor, MI.

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