Terumo Cardiovascular Group

CAPIOX® Bubble Traps

Unique design for effective air removal for adult and pediatric use.


  • Easy priming
  • Efficient air removal
  • Minimal blood trauma
  • Low prime volume

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CAPIOX<sup>®</sup> BT15 Bubble Trap, Adult

CAPIOX® BT15 Bubble Trap, Adult

CAPIOX<sup>®</sup> BT05 Bubble Trap, Pediatric

CAPIOX® BT05 Bubble Trap, Pediatric

Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
CAPIOX® Bubble Traps
1CX*BT05Bubble trap, pediatric10
1CX*BT15Bubble trap, adult10
1XX*XH041Holder for CAPIOX® filters (AF200X, AF02 and AF125X) and bubble traps1