CAPIOX® SP Centrifugal Pump[8]

Single-use pumphead for use with Bio-Console® console 540 and 550 models.


  • Efficient straight-path design
  • Easily adapted for use with existing console
  • Can be used on Bio-Console® 540/550 models
  • Reusable adapter provided
  • 45 mL prime volume
CAPIOX<sup>®</sup> Disposable Centrifugal Pump

CAPIOX® Disposable Centrifugal Pump

Product Information

Ordering Information
Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
CAPIOX® SP Centrifugal Pump
1CX*SP45Disposable centrifugal pumphead10
1XX*SP03Centrifugal pumphead adapter1
  • [8] See Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1 for Centrifugal Control Unit ordering information.

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