Sarns™ Cardioplegia Sets with PVC Coil and MP-4 Monitoring Module

Cardioplegia sets with PVC coil heat exchanger and temperature/pressure monitoring module for both clear and blood cardioplegia delivery.


  • Available in crystalloid or blood sets
  • Exclusive Sarns™ pressure manometer
  • Low prime volume
Sarns™ PVC Coil

Sarns™ PVC Coil

Sarns™ MP-4 Monitoring Module

Sarns™ MP-4 Monitoring Module

Ordering Information
Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
Sets for Blood Solutions
16010Cardioplegia set, 4:1 ratio, no recirculation4
Sets for Crystalloid Solutions
15486Cardioplegia set, recirculation from cannula connection4
15501Cardioplegia set, recirculation from MP-4 monitoring module4
Replacement Table Line
16110Replacement table line for configurations 15501 and 160152
Recirculation from MP-4 monitoring module
16130Replacement table line for configurations 4459, 5852, 6375, 6376, 9457, 9499, 16010, 16200 and 1657203
16529701Holder for Sarns™ MP-4 monitoring module1

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