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The gold standard for training on Terumo manufactured and distributed products.  

Terumo Cardiovascular Group’s Clinical Specialists work closely with your cardiac team to accelerate learning, to ensure the successful adoption of medical devices and to increase user proficiency on those devices. 

They can explain how Terumo products will fit into your clinical practice, hospital setting or help support your institutional protocol. 

The training provided by Terumo Clinical specialists can help to improve the safety, efficiency, capacity, and the performance of your cardiac team.

Terumo’s Clinical Specialists will guide your team through lectures, exercises, hands on teaching and interactive learning.  This will help you connect the material to your existing knowledge, learn new concepts and to master those concepts through practice. 

Our Clinical Specialists will work with you to customize a comprehensive solution that fits your staff’s training needs. 

The Unique Benefits of Terumo Certified Training

Terumo CV Group’s commitment to you is ongoing and doesn’t stop at the time of purchase. Our certified clinical support and our advanced training tools mean Terumo will be fully behind your cardiac team every step of the way.

The Right People

All courses are facilitated by highly trained Clinical Specialists who are experts in their respective fields.


The Right Process

Terumo understands the pressure healthcare providers are under to provide excellent patient care as effectively and efficiently as possible.


The Right Training

Our robust medical device training courses are designed to help employees in various roles improve day-to-day productivity.


Get to Know Terumo’s Clinical Specialists

The Terumo CV Group Clinical Specialist team has the highly technical aptitude necessary to match your team’s clinical expertise.

  • Terumo Clinical Specialists experience includes cardiopulmonary bypass, data management, autotransfusion, patient monitoring and endoscopic vessel harvesting.
  • They have authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and are often featured presenters at nationally accredited meetings.
  • All Terumo Clinical Specialists are dedicated full-time to the clinical support of products manufactured and distributed by Terumo.
  • Having spent many years in clinical practice, they share your experiences and aspirations in providing better patient care.
  • Terumo Perfusion Clinical Specialists have 150 years combined clinical, technical and scientific expertise.

Terumo Certified Training is Available for These Product Lines

After training is completed, your team will fully understand the core concepts so they can use Terumo products safely, effectively and have a thorough understanding of the clinical benefits.

Our Feedback

As a Physician Assistant who had used another system my entire career, I was hesitant to look at another company’s product. However I tried to keep an open mind. I was amazed by the quality of Terumo’s training facility and staff. Everything was set up and ready for our team to start working immediately. The Terumo team was very educated on their product and extremely helpful. I never felt like I was being pressured to change to their product. Their goal has always been making sure our harvesters were given the proper training in order to get the best quality for the patient.

Nicole Johnston, PA, St. Louis, MO

The EVH simulation and SynDaver made things so realistic that I was able to participate with dissecting and harvesting vein the very next day.

Ginger Cook, RNFA, Oxford, MS

Great instructor. He did a great job explaining the features of each tool and their purpose. Excellent videos to illustrate common complications/mistakes made. Was given adequate iterations on simulators.

Phillip Berntson, PA-C, El Paso, TX

This will greatly improve my skills on EVH. Being able to practice spatial awareness without pressure has made me more confident in my skills. I feel well prepared for OR experiences.

Amy Matthews, NP, Texarkana, TX

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Find out how Terumo products will fit into your clinical practice, hospital setting or help support your institutional protocol. 

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