Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Why Terumo

Diversity & Inclusion

The Terumo Group companies continually strive to foster a rewarding corporate culture, and create environments and systems where associates can exercise their capabilities to the fullest, regardless of race, nationality, gender, or other distinctions often used to divide.

As a global business, we respect and accept individuals regardless of race or nationality, gender, religion, physical handicap, or other differences, and we believe that the free flow of ideas and knowledge leads to the creation of valuable innovations. We are committed to creating a culture and environment that enable a diverse workforce to achieve its best results.

Career Opportunities for Veterans

Terumo CV Group offers rewarding career opportunities in all areas for veterans of the military. Many service members have found success starting their careers with Terumo. We partner with Hire A Hero to recruit U.S. veterans making the transition from military service to the private sector.

Women’s Initiative Network (WIN)

Terumo CV Group’s Women’s Initiative Network provides networking, mentoring and training opportunities that:

  • Foster a culture where the best women professionals want to work and grow their careers.
  • Create an environment where all professionals thrive and work together to deliver sustainable advantages for the Company.

While the conversations are about women in the workforce, the events and materials are offered to all women and men of Terumo CV Group.