Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Why Terumo

Culture & Values

The culture at Terumo Cardiovascular Group is important to our success. You will find that our associates embody and our organization places high importance on attracting individuals who demonstrate our core values:

  • Customer Focused ⁄ Driven
    The customer (end user) is everyone’s focus. Every department should feel ownership of the customer and understand how their work impacts the customer. It is our goal to exceed the needs of our customers.
  • Integrity, Honesty and Respect
    Simply tell the truth; believe in what you say and stand behind it; believe, support and stand behind your team. We learn from and respect one another. We behave with honesty and integrity toward others.
  • Intelligence and Development
    We are innovative thinkers who have a capacity for learning and understanding, and a drive for continuous improvement. Terumo supports the development of people.
  • Disciplined — Results Oriented and Decisive
    We consider input from multiple sources, create consensus where possible, but in the end make decisions and move forward. We are goal oriented, understand our priorities and will protect our most critical initiatives.
  • Job Ownership — Passion For What We Do
    We are passionate about our jobs and have a contagious excitement about what we are doing.