Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Core Competencies

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Terumo controls the hollow fiber oxygenator manufacturing process from raw material to finished good.

Perfusion Circuit Technologies

Terumo Cardiovascular Group's perfusion circuits product line is not only one of the most comprehensive in the industry, but also offers an increasing array of products focused on helping surgical teams improve outcomes associated with cardiopulmonary bypass.

At the heart of Terumo CV Group's perfusion circuits are CAPIOX® FX Oxygenators with Integrated Arterial Filter and CAPIOX SX and RX Oxygenators. As a pioneer of hollow fiber oxygenators, Terumo introduced the world's first hollow fiber membrane oxygenator in 1982. Now, perfusionists who use our oxygenators count on consistent performance — every case, every day. That's because our manufacturing engineers have virtually eliminated variability in the production process.

We mold all of our oxygenator components on-site. We also manufacture our own hollow fiber in a patented Microphase Separation Method, and are the only global oxygenator manufacturer to do so. We visually inspect each oxygenator at 32 different points, record the gas transfer characteristics of every unit, and conduct integrity tests on every oxygenator, reservoir, sampling line, and heat exchanger.

We're now applying our experience in perfusion circuit technology to the development of miniaturized perfusion circuits designed to reduce prime volume, hemodilution, foreign surface area, inflammatory response and complement activation.

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