Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Core Competencies

The Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1

The Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 design is based on Controller Area Network (CAN), a technology that provides power and communication to its components.

Electromechanical Pumping Systems

The Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 is Terumo Cardiovascular Group's most recent heart-lung machine introduction. Though it is a true product of 21st century technology, the Terumo System 1 has inherited the best features from its Sarns™ perfusion systems ancestry.

We also offer what many consider the gold standard in technical and field service for our electromechanical products. Our service staff provides both on-site and in-house product repair, new equipment installation, and preventative maintenance. Many of our global service centers also offer an in-stock parts inventory, training for biomedical engineers, factory reconditioning, and equipment rental.

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